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Boat Shows

MGM Boats has grown it's brokerage listings and offices Internationally and in doing so has promised to showcase your boat at all the major European Boat Shows and beyond. There is no better choice than MGM to find or sell a boat, with our international presence at these shows and continually growing listings. Here are some of the most recent Boat Shows that we have attended, and each year tried to present the most diverse range of boats possible. 

London Boat Show 2015

IMG 4700   Image7

Dusseldorf Boat Show 2015

Brokerage stand 1

Southampton Boat Show 2014


Cannes Boat Show 2014


London Boat Show 2014


Dusseldorf Boat Show 2014


Multihull Show Montepellier 2014


Stockholm Boat Show 2014


Wales Boat Show 2015

 Brokerage Stand Wales 2015 (5)